Order Fresh Magic Truffles for Microdosing here

Microdosing can be a great enhancer to your everyday focus and energy, the supplement of interest being Magic Truffles.

For microdosing these truffles are chopped into little pieces, vacuum sealed and shipped to you, neatly organized and ready for consumption.

Truffles are a simple food supplement with a complex list of benefits:

ability to focus

at the same time, people often have less problems with:

constant stress
mood swings
obsessive behaviour
states of anxiety

You can find much more on the topic at www.tnms.info and order truffles here when you’re ready to get started!

Once you’ve decided how many microdosing (6x1g) packs you want to order, we just need your email address and somewhere to ship to.

You’ll then get a confirmation mail with a link to pay your order via Paypal.

Happy Microdosing!

Prices including shipping to anywhere. Payment via Paypal possible (+2,50 Euro)
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